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Tag ID Orders: Frequently Asked Questions

Dairy producers use the Holstein ID Tag Program to officially identify their animals with ear tags, which are excellent for day-to-day herd management. The Holstein ID Tags, using the Allflex tamper-proof tag, provide a high level of integrity essential for a valued identification program. Producers are able to assign an animal an official, unique lifetime number, printed on the tag, and select their own herd management numbers.

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Q:Do I have to have a Holstein Association USA account number to submit an order?
No, if you do not have an account currently set-up with Holstein Association USA we will contact you to complete the set-up. You may also contact customer service at 1.800.952.5200 to set up an account. Please note that your order will not be submitted until an account is set up in our system.
Q:When can I expect my tags?
Current turnaround time for tag processing is at least 8 weeks. Please plan accordingly when ordering your next set of inventory tags.
Q:By completing this form is my order submitted for processing?
No, this form allows you to submit a request for your tag order with all the necessary information, without having to contact our office. We then submit the order for processing according to the date we receive them. We expect inventory orders to be processed within two business days of submitting the order form. This also applies when calling into the office. We will contact you at the phone number and email provided should any questions need to be answered prior to placing the order, so please provide us with your best contact information. This information will be used for tag order processing only. We will not update your account with this information unless asked to do so.
Q:Can I place a rush order online?
No. Please call Customer Service, 800.952.5200, to speak with a representative to place a rush tag order.
Q:Can I place a replacement ear tag order?
No. Replacement orders, at this time, will need to go through Customer Service to ensure we have the most accurate information.
Q:Why are some fields in the order form red and some white?
All of the red fields are required. White fields are not required; however they are strongly encouraged to ensure we obtain enough information to place your order as quickly and accurately as possible.
Q:Can my shipping address be different than the address on my Holstein account?
Your ship-to address must be the address which your state department of agriculture has validated to your premises number. Should this address be different or if it is non-deliverable, please contact Customer Service prior to entering your order.
Q:How do I select my tag options?
To select your tag options, simply choose the radial button next to the option you would like to order. You must choose an option in each column. Under 840 official (1st Tag): Choose the size for your official 840 tag. Under Inventory (Additional Tags): If you would not like a second tag at this time please choose "none;" otherwise select your second tag option. Our current combination offerings only allow for the second tag to be a large or maxi visual tag to meet our Tag Identification requirements for registration. The 2-large or 2-maxi option is currently only available with 840 RFID as your first tag.

As you choose your 840 official and inventory options, all options which are not available with your chosen sizes will gray out on the screen and will not be available. The back type only comes in two sizes: button and large. Large back size is only available for large and maxi options; mini-round and junior options must have a button back. For example, if you were to choose an 840 mini round as your official tag, and a maxi as your additional inventory tag, you would be choosing the back for your maxi, as the mini round has to be a button. The same applies for print options. The available print sizes for the combination you choose will remain in red and will be available to click. If they are gray, they are not available options.

All of the tag combinations, except for 840 RFID, are available in eight colors.

Should you choose something incorrectly, please click on the black "RESET SELECTION" button to reset the whole form and start over.
Q:Why are we asking, "Is this order different?"
This section is for us to verify if your order has changed from your previous inventory order. If the answer is "yes," more options appear to verify the exact change. If you are ordering the exact same tags, please choose "no."
Q:What information can I enter in "Special Instructions"?
This section is for any additional information you would like the office personnel to know. If you changed anything since your last order, you can address that here. If you would like to let the office know any additional information about the order, such as special shipping instructions, please indicate here.
Q:What happens once I choose “Submit”?
Once the submit button is clicked, a pop-up will appear showing you a review of the submitted order. A copy of this will be emailed directly to the email you provided as well as to our office. Should something be incorrect on the form please contact us immediately by calling Customer Service 1.800.952.5200 or email Tag Orders.

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